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Innovative Materials

With more than 60,000 employees in 48 countries, the Innovative Materials Sector has access to a unique portfolio of materials and processes for the homebuilding and industrial markets.

Leveraging innovation as a powerful growth driver, the Innovative Materials Sector is spearheading Saint-Gobain's advance in over-the-horizon technologies.

In the area of High-Performance Materials, it offers a broad array of innovative technologies in three main types of materials: ceramics, performance polymers and glass fabrics.

The Flat Glass division produces a range of highly effective products in terms of energy-saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort and aesthetics.

Innovative Materials Sector eight core businesses:

- Abrasives
- Ceramic materials
- Plastics
- Textile solutions
- Flat glass manufacturing
- Processing of glass for the building industry and domestic appliances
- Processing of glass for the automotive and mass transit markets
- Solar energy solutions

The Innovative Materials Sector is European or world leader in each of its nine activities nine core businesses.

Key facts and figures

  • - Nearly two-thirds of the Group expenditure in R&D
  • - More than 60,000 staff in 48 countries
  • - Saint-Gobain equips 1 residential property out of 3 with insulating glazing in Europe.
    - Saint-Gobain supplies the glazing for 1 car out of 2 in Europe